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Midlife is usually the stage of life that is full of accomplishments for most men. For others, it is the stage that they wish to start a new phase in life.

Whether it be in raising a family or a career change, it is important to take into account to start thinking about investing in your health at this time. Practicing a healthy routine throughout your life is ideal. It is never too late to benefit from taking excellent care of yourself. This is because of a variety of proven studies that have come out in recent years on men’s health. It is recommended that men should go for prostate cancer screenings starting in their 40s. For those who are at a higher risk,canstockphoto4831232 screenings should be performed twice a year.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for older men. The key to making sure that men survive for as long as possible is a combination of making sure that regular checkups and screenings are done. Practicing self-prevention to lessen the risk is another step. This means focusing on adopting a lifestyle of exercising and eating a healthy diet. According to Swedish Researchers, all men who are between the ages of 45 and 49 should help mitigate almost half of all prostate cancer deaths. This came from a study of over 21,000 men. Screening is critical for health and this study just supports that fact more than ever.

Regular physicals help to prevent other problems as well such as heart disease, which is often an even bigger killer of men in their 40s. About a quarter of all heart-disease-related deaths occurs in men ages 35 to 65 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In particular, it’s possible for men to curb the problem by eating less fat and processed foods and exercising regularly to help keep their heart healthy for the long term. Otherwise, the heart can become stressed due to clogged arteries. The lack of exercise might cause the heart to be unable to handle the extra load. Other illnesses include stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Early detection of these illnesses can be treated if found early and as a result helps with healthier aging.

A healthier lifestyle change will go a long way to making sure that men survive well through their 40s and beyond.


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