PhuketFit’s Total Fitness Retreat in Thailand

PhuketFit is a fitness camp in Phuket, Thailand. Their team is dedicated, committed, and passionate in the work they do. They are professionally trained with specialized skills, specific talents, and steely determination in ensuring that their clients get a kick-start to a new and  healthier lifestyle.

The ‘Total Fitness’ Program at PhuketFit:

The PhuketFit Fitness Program is ideal for individuals whose desire is to substantially improve their fitness levels and enhance their athletic abilities, while simultaneously increasing their flexibility and physical strength.

There is no gym or fitness center in the world with a team that can help clients achieve results as effectively and quickly as with the professional team at PhuketFit. Their program puts customers on a fast-track to a new and healthier lifestyle. Your body will transform into a fit and strong one right before your eyes. The total fitness program ensures that every area of the body gets worked out and trained. This is one of the secrets of the high success rate of the program.

The Total Fitness program commences with a one-on-one personal evaluation session carried out by a specialist in the field of nutrition and fitness. The fitness program is then chalked out by both the specialist and the customer; the core is laid out, based around the goals, wants, and preferences of the client. The creation of such a program is what lays the groundwork for a strong foundation, thereby ensuring that they get a huge head start as far as nutrition and training regimen is concerned.

Once the base is set, you can begin the journey of total fitness at PhuketFit. Soon you will not only feel healthy, fit, and strong, but will also be the envy of your peers. After the program has been successfully completed and you are set up for your trip back home, you will be equipped with all the strategies and tools to ensure that our training program continues to become a part of your lifestyle.

Schedule and Features of the Total Fitness program at PhuketFit:

The program commences with a personal evaluation session, carried out on a one to one basis with a certified trainer equipped with necessary skills to help with the body’s transformation process. Our clients will then go through an all-inclusive and complete endurance, fitness, aerobic, and strength test to gauge your capacity and then personalize the program according to their wants, preferences, and capacities.

A personal program coach will offer support and advice, continuously throughout the duration of the program. The progress of the clients gets tracked by the coach via meetings that are conducted at least once a week. In such meetings, the coach may offer suggestions on how to enhance the focus and even make changes to the program, if need be. The complete program is modified, optimized, and personalized along with continuous support to ensure that our client’s fitness goals and health requirements are successfully achieved.

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A Typical ‘Total Fitness’ program at PhuketFit will Feature the Following Weekly Structure:

• Five Yoga classes
• Seven Group Fitness classes
• Five TRX suspension classes
• Muay Thai kickboxing classes
• One Morning Beach Boot camp
• Education throughout the program and classes.
• Fitness Studio Access (7 am to 10 pm)
• 1 Oil or Thai Massage
• Health Food planned meal (2 snacks, 3 daily meals, 1 juice)