Eat Your Fish! Studies Suggest Miracle Powers of Fish:

canstockphoto22313973We are constantly hearing in the news media about the benefits of a diet high in omega 3 fatty acids; but where do we get them from? When your mother urged you to eat your fish and finish your plate, it would have been wise to have listened. Fish is one of the best ways to incorporate healthy lean protein along with these vital fats. Fish is a prime source of nutrition whether you’re trying to shed pounds, be healthier or to feel better overall.

Health studies are continually linking regular fish consumption, at least two servings a week, with reduced risk of various disorders and diseases ranging from colon cancer to dementia. If someone told you that eating a little fish could improve your health overall, would you make the switch?

Here’s the top six reasons to eat more fish:

Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids. These fats help reduce the risk from certain types of cancers; particularly oral, colon and breast. Prostrate cancer risk was shown to be reduced by a whopping 40 percent.

Studies show that seniors who regularly consume large amounts of fish at least once per week reduce their risk of developing dementia. In addition, a diet high in omega 3 helps with other brain disorders, reducing the risk of epilepsy, concussions and even autism in certain forms.

Eating lots of fish is a great way to boost healthy proteins which help to balance out blood sugar levels for people with diabetes, helping to avoid spikes in insulin.

Arthritis (Even Rheumatoid)
Weekly consumption of fish has been shown to improve pain associated with inflammation and painful symptoms more than other types of meat protein. It just so happens that certain types of fat affect inflammation more than others.

Science has suggested that mothers who ate a lot of fish when breastfeeding their children gifted them with excellent eyesight. This is due to mother’s breast-milk containing the fatty acids in fish which links to enhanced eyesight, especially in the retina.

Depression has been directly linked to a lack of healthy fatty acids like Omega 3s in the brain. This meta-analysis was published in “Translational Psychiatry” under the direction Dr. Roel JT Mocking, Department of Psychiatry, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It therefore follows that consuming fish will reduce the symptoms of depression over time.

Not only does fish taste great and come in a ton of varieties to fit all taste palates, but eating it can literally make you healthier! What a deal! No reason not to eat as much of it as you can, and thank your mother for her wisdom.



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